Multiline Slots Strategy

While some people believe that there are patterns within the RNG software, most players understand that they cannot even try to develop a strategy using the “brains” of the game. In reality there are no strategies to use when playing any kind of slot machine game. There are, however, some sound bits of advice that players can follow to be sure they walk away with their profits in hand.

While a published payback percentage is not a guaranteed figure to rely on, it can help a player determine if they are willing to risk the averages. For example, a player who wagers twenty five cents on a spin, which is about six hundred “pulls” per hour, is risking one hundred and fifty dollars within that hour. If they choose a “tight” machine set at eighty percent payback they are risking about thirty dollars, but if they go with a “loose” machine at ninety eight percent they are, theoretically, risking about three dollars per hour.

Once a player picks a machine, and determines their bankroll, they should play for a short while and then examine their situation. If a player is “up” and has some winnings, these should be removed from active play. If a player is down, it may be time to consider another machine and begin again.

When playing the newer multi-line slots such as “reel” and “video” slots it is best to work at maximum wagers to win the bigger awards. For example, reel slots usually require a maximum number of coins (at flexible denominations) to be wagered on a spin in order to qualify for the jackpot. For video slots there are usually numerous paylines that must have a wager, and a sound strategy is to place a bet on each pay line available. This does not mean wagering hundreds of dollars on every spin, simply making sure that “all bases are covered” with a wager affordable to the player.

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